How to get Free Discord Nitro from Epic Games

Recently Epic Games announce that they will deliver one redemption link good for three months of Discord Nitro access for free. So many Discord users, searching over the internet for How to Get three-month Discord nitro from Epic Games. The company announces that they will email a redemption link to the email address linked with your Epic Games account. 

What should you know before get free Discord Nitro from Epic game?

Before claim, free discord nitro makes sure that you have a new user account and never claimed any discord nitro by you before. Please make sure the email address associated with your account is current and correct. You must have a PayPal account or Credit card to redeem the discord nitro.

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How to Get Free Discord Nitro from Epic Games

To get free discord nitro from Epic Games, make sure you must have a few things Discord accountEpic game accountPayPal account, or Credit card(for redeeming discord nitro) and never before discord nitro claimed by you. If you have all the things and you want to get or claim three-month discord nitro from Epic Games.

Just Follow The Below Steps

1.)Go To Epic Launcher Or In-Browser Search Epic games(I am going with Browser)

2.) Click on Sign up with Email(Fill all the detail and complete your signup process)

Step2.How to get free discord nitro

3.) Search Discord and Claim the Discord

Step3.How to get free discord nitro

4.)Scroll Down and find Add-on Discord Nitro and click on Get to place your order

Step4.How to get free discord nitro

5.)Go to your Gmail account and click on Redeem Now(Make sure you logged in to your Discord account in your Browser)

Step5.How to get free discord nitro

6.)Click On Next

7.)Click on the Checkbox, choose the Payment method and click on Get Monthly Nitro

8.)Complete the Payment process

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How to Boost server with free Discord Nitro from Epic Game

To claim the free Discord Nitro from Epic game, make sure you have a Discord account and Also associated with an account that will use to redeem nitro by you.

Just Follow the Below Steps

1.) Open Discord in your Browser

2.)Go to Settings and click on the Subscription(Check your discord nitro activated or not)

3.)Click on your Discord Server and Boost your Server

4.)Click On Boost this Server


Q1.)How do I get my 3 month discord Nitro?

Ans->to get 3 month discord Nitro follow these steps: Sign up on Epic Games>Search Discord and Claim the Discord>find Add-on Discord Nitro and click on Get.

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