How to see hidden information on the Facebook Marketplace

A No-1 social chat app or platform for interacting with people, then we know that is Facebook. When Facebook live over the internet first time, it has few options like only chat. But from year to year, many features are added to it like a calling facility and many new options. In 2016, Facebook Inc launched a Facebook marketplace for Facebook users to buy their favorite stuff online. In this article, we will lookout How to see the hidden information on the Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace is online shopping and buying platform. Here you can buy a product, or sell your product through your Facebook account. Over 900 million people use it to buy or sell their products.

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Why should you use Facebook Marketplace?

  • Everybody who uses Facebook knows the massive reach out to the people in the world. If anyone who uses it as an e-commerce platform knows that, it has the potential to reach customers out of your region.
  • Its help small businesses to grow up by providing relevant result to the customers for their product searches, and also a people can easily buy or sell a single piece of any product on the Facebook marketplace.

Why does the Hidden Information statement appear on Facebook Marketplace?

The statement of Hidden Information appears on the Facebook marketplace because facebook protects the information of sellers for security reasons. It means Facebook serves as a security measure, protecting the personal information of the seller since it hides the telephone numbers, identity cards, email, address, or other important information.

How to prevent Hidden Information from appearing

To prevent Hidden Information from appearing, follow the below steps:

  • Do not publish a phone number. the added number does not specify with any words (WhatsApp, and phone). Another way is to put a special character to the number as a period; you could still put the number in parts.
  • You should not post your emails and addresses, the best thing you can do is give this information to your clients privately, that is, by Messenger.
  • You can also create an image for writing your information for your buyers.
  • You can get help from other posts on the marketplace for guiding yourself. If you want to create your post without errors, you should update Facebook in its latest version, so you will see everything new that this application offers and the progress of the publications you make.

How to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace?

When people use the Facebook Marketplace on their PC or Mac, then it is difficult to understand how to view the hidden information on the Marketplace portal. Hidden information only occurs when a person is using the PC versions or the web portal of Facebook because it does not allow users to make calls. When you use the Facebook app, it will show you the mobile number of the seller without any “Hidden Information” text.

To see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace you must enter the Facebook application to look at the publication of the product. Follow the below steps:

1. In Your Facebook Marketplace, go on a product and tap on the share

2. Tap on Copy Link

3. Open chrome or any Browser in Desktop version on Your Mobile

4. Paste the copied link and tap on Go

5. Here you can see the information of the seller like mobile number, etc.

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