How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

Digital technology has taken over the place in children’s and teenagers’ lives. But, as we all know, young people and minors prefer to interact through the Internet rather than meeting and having a conversation in person. this article will help you How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

They use social applications for media, such as online instant messaging and chat rooms, and video games, to make new friends and enjoy themselves. And then spend time calling them all day. But, they don’t recognize someone on the other end of the spectrum, a friend or predator. It’s a huge issue for youngsters’ Internet use.

Research suggests that for teenagers between 13 and 17, texting and calling are the most effective communication methods. In addition, one-third of teens who connect with strangers on the Internet also contact their friends in person.

As parents, you have to know who your children are talking to on the Internet and also arrange meetings in real life with them. One method to find out without compromising your child’s privacy is to track conversations on mobile devices. this article will help you How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

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How to spy on phone calls?

You’ve learned the importance of spying on your kids’ calling activity, but another important thing that requires your attention is how to do that. You don’t have to worry because we’re going to help you learn the methods of tracking phone calls. follow the below tips for How to spy on phone call on android devices:

Check through the android phone yourself.

You can spy on your child, spouse, or employee’s phone call history the old school way by snooping on their mobile phone personally. All you need is to know the mobile phone’s password and look out for the right reason. 

There are huge risks involved in it as you can get caught easily, or the person you’re snooping on can delete call logs instantly so you can’t view them. But if you do get successful, then you can view the caller’s details and how many times they’ve called before. You can block them to ensure they never bother your children again. 

Use a monitoring application.

If you’re interested in knowing how to track phone calls on your child’s smartphone safely, you should consider using android spyware. The majority of features include monitoring phone calls and watching text messages, locating whereabouts, and displaying media files.

Certain monitoring applications offer advanced features that parents can take advantage of to shield their children from dangers on the Internet. For instance, they allow you to track social media conversations, create restricted zones within the world map, block suspect contacts, and much more.

Although parental control software is provided on a subscription basis, there’s also the option of using these apps at no cost. Most of them offer an initial trial for free or a trial period of risk-free and the money-back option. You can use a monitoring application for spy phone calls on android.

How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

Get a subscription to parental control software.

In this case, the first thing to do is to subscribe to a plan, and we’ll tell you how you can do that. Once you’ve chosen the android spyware you want for spying, you can open the official website. Generally, there is more than one plan divided by features and price so that you can select according to your needs. Next, you will require providing your credit card details and email address to get subscriptions, and after that, you’re eligible to use the spy app. 

Install the spyware

The second step is to install the spyware on the target phone, and for that, you’ll get a link via email. Then, the service provider sends an email to the user containing complete information about the account and more. 

You can click on the URL that will take you directly to the software, and in 10-15 minutes, you’ll have your spyware downloaded. Remember that you must have access to the target phone for a minimum of 30 minutes so you can perform the whole process easier. 

Another important thing is to provide permissions to the application to access stored data and installed applications. Then, it will help you fetch information and spy in real-time later. 

Set-up online portal

The online portal is for the user to spy remotely through their screens. You need to finish up the setting of the dashboard to enjoy problem-free monitoring. You will get access to the features you’ve subscribed for on the portal. Also You can use these features to get any data you want but ensure that the target device has internet connectivity while performing any spying activity. 

How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

Start spying through unique features.

Phone call monitoring isn’t a difficult job because spy apps have made things easier for the users. You can use unique features and remotely get all the information. Here is a brief overview for you. 

  • Call log monitoring 

You can spy phone calls using spyware applications and view call log history. It includes the details of received and dialed calls in the past along with the caller information—for example, name, phone number, call duration, timestamps, and more. So, you can get a brief idea of who your child is contacting daily through this feature. 

  • Call recording 

Sometimes monitoring call logs isn’t enough, and you want to listen to the conversations as well. The spy call recording app can help you listen to calls by recording them in real-time. The application has access to the phone’s microphone that records the calls without disturbing it.

And then send to the online portal where the user can access it and listen to it. So you can know if your partner is cheating on you behind your back or whether your child is being bullied. 

  • Contact blocking

Contact blocking is a great function for a spy app because it gives you the authority to block sexual predators anytime you want remotely. You can ensure your child’s security by knowing no harmful person has bad intentions for them. 

  • Deleting call logs

You can delete call logs remotely using android spyware if you don’t want your target to see specific calls. You can remove the history before they even see it. 


Even though snooping into calls of another person could be considered a crime and infringe on privacy, parents sometimes can do such things to ensure their children’s safety. For example, if your child uses social media without any limit and connects with strangers constantly, then you should look into installing a parental control application on their mobile.

If you use the correct surveillance software, you can overcome your fears and ensure your family’s security. If you can intercept a message from an armed predator at the proper time, you will be able to prevent your child from making a mistake that could lead to a fatal accident. There’s nothing better than this. we think that, after reading this article you learn How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices.

How to Spy Phone Calls on Android Devices

Additional FAQs:

Q1.Can you remotely spy on an android phone?

Ans-> Yes, you can remotely spy on an android phone using spy apps.

Q2.Is there a free app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it?

Ans-> there is a free app to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. mspy app is one of the apps that can help you spy phone calls on Android devices. 

Q3.What are the best spy apps for android?

Ans->There are some best spy apps for android: WiSpy,Mspy, Flexispy, Mobic, Telenitrox.

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